photo Leanne Albers

Leanne Albers draws from a lifetime of experience around horses – in fact, she was riding before she could even walk. Growing up on her parents’ farm, Leanne spent all of her free time at the barn with the horses. Leanne now loves passing on knowledge to other riders.

Leanne Albers has 18 years of experience as a riding instructor. As a teacher, she applies the fundamentals of dressage and horsemanship to achieve harmony and balance between horse and rider. All lessons with Leanne are goal-oriented based on the needs of your horse and you. No matter your goals, Leanne will set up a lesson structure that will help you make progress and learn. Not only will you improve your riding skills and knowledge of the horse, but you will establish confidence in your abilities that you can apply outside your lessons. A large part of Leanne’s lesson program teaches independence and decision making, so you can use your awareness of your horse to make smart, safe choices, both in and out of your lessons.

At all levels of riding, Leanne helps aspiring equestrians learn the most essential elements of horsemanship by focusing on building relationships through an understanding of the mind and body of the horse.

photo Katie Quinn

Katie received her Associates Degree in Equine Science with an emphasis in Equine Teaching and Training from UW-River Falls and Dickinson State University in 2012. She has been riding for 24 years and owns a Paint gelding, Admiral, who has been with her for over 16 years. Her interests were in hunter/jumper and has gained much of her knowledge from Lakefield Farm. Admiral is now retired but she continues to enjoy light trail riding, lots of treats and each other’s company. Katie is a terrific instructor and enjoys working with children.  She also runs our horsemanship weeks.

When not at the stable Katie enjoys her full-time job as a vet technician for Fredonia Vet Clinic.