Clinics and Special Events

At Lakefield Farm, we're constantly hosting clinics and events to help you train your horse and hone your horsemanship skills. We believe in continually bettering not only our riders and their horses, but also ourselves and our horses. It's for that reason that we're constantly bringing in professionals from around the nation and dedicating a time to supplying you with as many opportunities for clinics and events as possible!


Whether you're a beginner, just looking to get started with basic horsemanship, or an advanced rider looking to better your skills in a specific discipline, our variety of clinics will be sure to have something of interest to you. Our events cater to all skills levels and disciplines of horsemanship, with different emphases in each event. For more info, see our events below:


Horsemanship Weeks

Weeklong sessions offer up-close, hands-on time in the company of horses. Your child will learn the basics of riding, horse care, feeding and grooming.


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Day of Horse Play

Does your child beg to spend more time at the barn around the horses? Then Day of Horseplay was created with them in mind! This weekly educational horsemanship day is a great opportunity to introduce your child to horses or to further their equine knowledge.


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Ladies of Lakefield - 5:30 the 3rd Friday of every month

Ladies of Lakefield is open to any and all horse lovers.  We get together on the 3rd Friday of the month at 5:30 to talk, laugh and share what is going on in our life or with our horses.  We would love you to join us.  


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Brent Graef Clinic

Brent has been coming to Lakefield Farm for over 10 years and we consistently get people coming back to his popular clinics.  Brent has an excellent teaching style and gives a tremendous amount of individual attention.  


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The Path to Performance

Stefanie first learned about the needs of performance horses in her youth in Germany (FN-trainer apprenticeship). After raising a family and years in the corporate world, she returned to working with horses in 2007, this time wanting to learn all she could to help horses perform optimally through bodywork. A certification in Equine Massage (WMSEM 2007) and the Masterson Method™ (Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork™) in 2008 provided the basis for her practice. She soon became the first person to be certified in the Masterson Method™ and the first certified instructor in this method, which has now won worldwide acclaim.


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Kirsten Nelson Clinics

Kirsten Nelson joins us for several weekends during the spring and summer to enhance our riding.  She developed a program of Training for Optimal Balance which focuses on developing a high degree of quality in the “basic” skills. 


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Riding School

This intensive week is designed for the intermediate thru experienced riders to advance and enhance their riding skills and all around horsemanship. 


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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Horses

Are you someone who always wanted a horse but never had the opportunity?

Did you ride as a child and want to get back into it but not sure where to start?

Do you love horses and want to learn more about them?

Then this fun and interactive series of classes that offers an overview of the horse world is just right for you!


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