Our program is very comprehensive and is geared to the student who wants to learn not just riding, but the handling, care, grooming and saddling of the horse. 

We start all our beginner students in private lessons so that with the one on one support, they can be sure to get the basic and foundational skills accomplished, which goes a long way in building confidence. Private lessons are $80/hour.  You would have the same lesson time each week.  Once have become proficient in certain skills, we can transition you into semi-private if you are interested.  Semi private (2-3 students) would be $55/hour.

For more information on specific riding lessons, please select a discipline or skills level:

Evaluation Lesson

Prior to enrolling in any courses, we require that all riders participate in an evaluation lesson to gauge the skill level of both the rider and the horse. Following the evaluation lesson, riders may move into normal courses.

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Basic Horsemanship

Children and adults will benefit from these comprehensive lessons that are geared toward the student who wants to learn not just riding, but the handling, care, grooming, and saddling of the horse. This class is for the rider who wants to learn how to be more comfortable at the walk, trot and canter. We will work on skills that the instructor feels fits the situation and skill level.

Classes include: Children Beginner/Intermediate Lessons and Adult Beginner/Intermediate Lessons

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Geared toward more experienced riders, lessons encompasses jumping and flatwork. Our instructors apply their years of experience in this discipline to help teach riders how to enjoy the sport in a safe and rewarding way.

Classes include: Flat Work, Intro to Jumping, and Intermediate/advanced Jumping

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Dressage includes teaching horse and rider to become more balanced, supple and athletic.  Riders learn skills to help their horse strengthen areas of weakness while working on flexibility and responsiveness.  All riders, no matter the discipline can benefit from Dressage lessons.

Classes Include: Work in hand to understand the manuevers and ridden patterns

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When it comes to building your horses physical strength and discipline, groundwork is an excellent option for lessons. Together with our instructors, you will work through specific exercises that help build the bond between you and your horse and the skills you'll both need to transition into riding effectively.  Working from the ground, the student will be able to improve their timing and cues as well as become an effective personal trainer for their horse.  The horse will gain stamina, strength, suppleness, promoting self carriage.

 Classes Include: Work in Hand, Herd Dyanmics and Basic Roundpen and Groundwork

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