Class Descriptions

Show classes for:
Basic Horsemanship

Children and Adults will benefit from these comprehensive lessons that are geared to the student who wants to learn not just riding, but the handling, care, grooming and saddling of the horse.  This class is for the horse and rider who wants to learn how to be more comfortable at the walk, trot and canter.  We will work on skills that the instructor feels fits the situation and skill level.

Jumping Intermediate

Riders will continue to strengthen their flat work and build on their knowledge from previous lessons. In intermediate jumping lessons riders begin to jump higher jumps with some fill. Additionally students will work on more coursework and grid-work. They will strengthen their skills at counting strides and judging distances. Correspondently students will work on lengthening and shortening strides in between jumps.

Work in Hand

This class will focus on building strenth and flexibility of the hindlegs.    Through a very specific progressive set of exercises, we will help your horse become more balanced, supple and strong.  You will learn to recognize assymetry in your horse and how you can help your horse.  You will learn the purpose of shoulder-in, haunches in, piaffe and pirrouttes while teaching these to your horse.  This class is for the student who wants a deeper understanding of dressage manuevers to benefit horses of all disciplines.

Herd Dynamics and Ground Work Skills

This class will focus on setting yourself up for success with your horse whether on the ground or in the saddle.  You will learn how suttle changes can make a huge difference.  You will learn how to create energy in your horse or bring it down.  You will learn how to overcome crowding, pushing or not standing still.  You will learn how to help your horse handle different sitauitions and obstacles.  Find out why understanding what happens in the herd plays a role in how your horse is with you. 

Western Manuevers

Learn different manuevers with your horse to add variety, reduce boredom, control all four corners of your horse and just to have a lot more manueverability with your horse. Some of the things you will learn will be Turn on the Forehand, Turn on the Hindquarters, Backing a circle, Opening a gate, rollbacks, quicker stops and starts, dragging a log.

Create a very responsive horse!

Horsemanship Week

Weeklong sessions offer up-close, hands-on time in the company of horses. Your child will learn the basics of riding, horse care, feeding and grooming.

Kirsten Nelson Clinics

Kirsten Nelson joins us for several weekends during the spring and summer to enhance our riding. 

Horse Play

Day of Horse Play – Thursdays throughout the summer 1 to 4 for $425/summer
Dates: June 20, and 27th, July 11th, 18th, and 25th, August 1, 8th, and 15th

Does your child beg to spend more time at the barn and around the horses? Day of Horseplay was created with your child in mind. This educational program is great for ages ranging from 5-14. This weekly educational (no riding) horsemanship day is a an opportunity to further equine knowledge, learning respect and care for the animal. A range of topics will be covered that are meant to instill confidence and skills to handle horses in a variety of situations.  We will cover equine husbandry, breeds, colors, styles of riding and so much more. This is a great chance for participants to experience a hands on slice of life on a horse farm.  Whether your child is in riding lessons or has no horse experience at all, this is a great place for youngsters to learn about all aspects of the horse while gaining self-confidence, personal growth and the concepts of responsibility to another being.

Brent Graef

Brent has been coming to Lakefield Farm for over 10 years and we consistently get people coming back to his popular clinics.  Brent has an excellent teaching style and gives a tremendous amount of individual attention.  

Ladies of Lakefield

Ladies of Lakefield is a Social Get Together for everyone who is associated with Lakefield Farm or is interested in Horses.  We meet once a month to connect, share stories, laugh and get to know each other.  Snacks and beverages are welcome but are not necessary.  We would love to have you join us!

Tiny Tot


Tiny Tot Class

Offer your young child the opportunity to be engrossed into the wonderful world of horses. Horses are a great opportunity for children to disconnect from technology; while learning to discover themselves, gain responsibility and increase self-confidence with a feeling of pride. Your tiny-tot will learn how to care for an animal with encouraging supervision and dependable, kind school horses!

Children will learn

< >The basics of ridingSafety handling and being around horses Care of the animalBasic equipmentAlong with many other educational activities

This is the only opportunity like this in the area for this age group!